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Request to remove data or correct errors made by the Registrar

Please read Registrar's Practice Statement No 5 - Removal, Correction and Restoration of Data on the PPSR before using this form.

It can be used to:

- Request removal: You can request the Registrar remove a registration if you believe it fits into one of the below categories:

  • frivolous and vexatious
  • offensive
  • against the public interest
  • prohibited by the regulations
  • subject to a court order.

This is not an alternative to the Amendment Demand Process, which is the primary process to dispute a PPSR registration

- Request restoration:  If you mistakenly ended a PPSR registration, you can ask the Registrar to restore it. For more information, see Restoring a registration that was accidentally ended

- Request correction: If you believe the Registrar has made an error or omission within a registration, you can apply to the Registrar to correct it.

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