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Documents not received via email

The PPSR sends notifications from the email address notifications@ppsr.gov.au. Generally each PPSR notification will have one PDF attached. If you are having trouble receiving emails from the PPSR, try the following checks.

Check your email address and internet access

  • Make sure the email address that you entered into the PPSR transaction is correct. Remember that some characters (such as spaces and underscores) are often difficult to see.
  • Check you have internet access.
  • Send an email to the email address that you entered into the PPSR transaction and check to see if you receive it.
  • Send an email from an external source and check to see if your email address receives it. For example, send an email from your mobile phone, home or have a friend send a test email.

Check your junk mail settings

If you manage your own email system, check your mail client and how it configures its junk mail folder. This includes any webmail providers. Sometimes global providers include junk mail filtering, which you can check.

Check with your internet service provider (ISP) or IT administrator

Check with your ISP or IT administrator to ensure there is nothing that could be blocking the email.

Your IT administrator or ISP should ensure notifications@ppsr.gov.au is not marked as spam. Since the PPSR can send a lot of email to a secured party, some mail service providers can mark PPSR email as spam. This can prevent you from receiving verification statements, tokens, access codes, etc.

Log an incident

Log an incident if you are still not receiving email from the PPSR.